In universities and college as well as other education institutions in the United Kingdom, writing essays is just a common occurrence. Students have already accepted that they will be assigned to write UK essays on a regular basis. True enough, UK essay writing and other composition activities are just some of the typical methods employed by university teachers and professor to undertake the educational process in the class.

University professors and teachers often assign their students to write essays to train them to test out and organize their ideas as well as to school them the value of obtaining reliable and credible information. University professors and teachers often assign their students to write essays as a way to determine whether their students have learned enough from the lessons given and from the subject itself.

Writing a UK essay, however, could be very challenging to some students. Believe it or not, there are still university and college students, who despite of years of writing experience behind them, still do not know how to write first class essays. This is quite ironic, since university students are expected to have possessed the writing skills when they entered higher education studies.  Sad to say, however, that the reality reveals that many university students still struggle with their essay projects. This could be attributed to many reasons – some of which are valid and some are not.

Writing first class essays is different from just writing ordinary ones. First class essays carry the distinction of possessing certain attributes like being coherent, understandable and error-free. A first class UK essay should be consistent in the treatment of the topic from start to finish. A first class essay should be easy enough to understand and should tell clearly the writer’s ideas and thoughts. A first class essay should be void of mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. If compositions, like mathematics essays, do not exhibit these attributes, they cannot be considered as first class essays.

Essay writing could be just another academic activity, but its role in shaping the mental capacity of students is undisputable and indispensable.