Some pieces are too good to stick to one reader, the tutor.  Of course when it’s good, chances are, tutors will advise you to bring it somewhere.  But what if they don’t?  What are students supposed to do?

There are a lot of options for students to take, particularly for a good research essay piece.  But before these viable options are explored, it is important that students arm themselves with important things like, confidence in their piece, commitment to show it to the world, or ability to reap connections out of relationships.  These ingredients are significant because as soon as students take the piece out, it will no longer be about the piece – it will also be about them, their initiative, and their courage.
Below are various options students may try to take a leap:

a)    Keep it as part of your portfolio.  Whether it’s for strengthening your writing proficiency, or for highlighting your inquisitive mind, the piece may well sit ready as proof.        

b)    Offer your tutor and class an expounding session.  Perhaps, the piece had been outstandingly unique, and you could just see it benefitting your class.  With their and your tutor’s approval, present your piece.  Do so in manner palatable to these restless folks of yours.   

c)    Bring the research essay to the papers.  In school, local newspapers, apt websites, or even your own blog site – there’s just no scarcity of choices.  This option may, however, require for the piece to pass some really strict editing; hence, be prepared to accommodate such needs by staying open for new formats.  Students will also have to be patient in corresponding with these media folks and exuding that professional tone.

d)    Make something out of it.  A set of PowerPoint slides, or infographics – and offer it some exposure.  Check prior option for this.  

e)    Keep the research essay for your future dissertation piece.  Is your piece dissertation-material?  If it does, keep it, and by keeping, it is emphasised that you avoid any possibility of misplacing it.  Perhaps, in students’ spare time, they may take the piece for further development, establishing ideas or resources.  Who knows? – By the time students reach their dissertation level, they’re more than ready to work it.
Yet, the ultimate merit is not yet made part of the list.  There are times when subjects or courseworks seem difficult; these are times when students are gripped by a firm stronghold of doubt.
At such times, take that piece out.  Take the moment to read it and revel in the fact that you did your research essays writing more than well.  Acknowledging this may help any student gain back the confidence – because that’s what it takes to conquer everything.