Earphones on, the playlist is ready, and your paper is blank. You’ve read and reread the instructions. Now, it’s time to write.

Do you listen to music while writing graduate school essays or any other assignment? It’s a common scene in the library, in the lecture room, even inside your dorm. And it does incite curiosity because contrary to this, others could only write with total silence or minimal noise.

Music as shield

The practise of writing with music in the background is a favourite tack against distraction. Some people find this ironic. Such people consider music – like noise – a distraction. Still, due to the occurring mix of the two tasks, listening and writing, the case of music as a distraction remain to be debatable.

Music is, therefore, used to block surrounding distractions – noise or auditory in nature. The battle is on between music and noise: music wins every time it drowns noise, thereby, making the environment conducive for writing graduate school essays.

Music for writing

Is there a specific music genre fit for the bill? Asking each of your earphone-popping classmates could help you acquaint yourself into these genres. The general pattern among music-listeners-slash-writers includes these preferences:

  • Familiar music: your playlist

You may be inclined to write in the beat of your own tunes. In reverse, you can’t stand another’s playlist; it got to be your own.

In other words, your mind and ears is well-acquainted to your playlist that it hardly causes any disturbance to your writing. Your playlist has successfully established a pattern that which serves as a background for all your notorious brainstorming and wordsmith-ing.

  • Reboot song: effective for putting you on flow

There are music genres that resound well to your creative side. It could be anything and what makes it special is that it only works for you.

When you get to easily snap out of your mundane thoughts upon hearing it, then that’s your jam, your reboot song. It slaps you hard and puts back vitality to your system. In this condition, you can’t help but write something awesome!

  • Less or zero lyrical content

Lyrics and the way it is sung do pose a risk of distracting you. It happens when the lyrics fail to jive with what you have in mind.

Such people, who still don their earphones, listen to remix and/or classical music. These genres possess more instrumental audio and have less lyrical content.

Writing graduate school essays is not easy. It’s much advanced and expected to reflect higher standards of thinking and composition.

If listening to music alleviates students’ struggle against distractions, then so be it. It hardly matters – unless, when students fail to deliver the “goods.”

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