In writing essays, information is very important. Without any information, the writer would have to be contented with ideas. But ideas are not enough in writing essays, especially first class composition. Information allows the writer to complement and support his ideas. When the writer could harmonize and effectively synthesize his ideas and information, he could write a very good quality essay. Even essay writing services do not depend on ideas alone. But information does not come handily. The writer has to search for the right information from the right sources.
Searching for the right information from the right source is not as simple as it sounds. When searching for the information, the writer should make sure that it is pertinent to the topic he has chosen. If the obtained information do not fit the essay, everything would be just useless. The writer should identify the right information source depending on how the writer needs it. The right information provides the writer the right help with essay content.
The one advantage that  essay writing services have over typical writers is that they have access or know how to access the right information for a certain subject or topic. It may be hard to emulate what essay writing services could do, but a typical essay writer does not have to. All he needs to do is obtain information from a particular source or sources.
Here are some sources where an essay writer could get the right information.
  •  Books written by experts on the field should be a very good source of information. These literatures are the most common sources of information. Books written by experts are oftentimes considered authorities on the subject matter, thus citing them would make the essay more credible.
  •  The Internet could be a very potent source of information. A writer, however, should be very careful in getting information from the Internet because half of what can be found online is not reliable.
  •  Getting information directly from the experts and other persons with authority is the most reliable of all sources. Surveys and interviews directly provide the most needed information.