Writing an essay is in itself difficult for most; how about a colourful dose of research?  Yes, mixing essay writing with research.  Indeed, this makes sense since seldom do students write essays without doing the briefest of research possible.  One huge leap in doing research is getting the top in quality sources, filtering them from the rest.  

What everyone looks for a research essay are the quality sources.  Quality sources include:

Peer-reviewed journals

Primary sources

Newspaper articles (the most up-to-date)

Academic online sites (e.g., EBSCO)

A chosen select of secondary and tertiary sources prescribed by instructors or tutors

What would an instructor do to an essay having the most eloquent of writing styles, neatest of work and layout, but poorest in utilized quality sources?  Indeed, the purpose of conducting research and writing a   research essay becomes invariably forfeited with such fate.  This type of essay opts to see students learn to become dynamic researchers, and equally receptive to any form of information available.  

Apart from the reinforced emphasis on quality sources, the relevance also digs deep on the avoidable elements of this essay.  Provided below are stuffs that should not appear on your research essay:


Outdated newspaper article (unless if students opt to trace it chronologically backward)

Online sites lacking of complete or have a disputable authorship

Instructor-forbidden sources (either because they are not reliable or are too convenient a source)

In instances wherein students experience difficulty in interpreting their sources and incorporating them in their essays, they may seek the convenient help of essay writing services.  They may also try requesting for assistance from their peers or their tutors or instructors.  

Despite its title, this essay really needs not the most advanced or technical of research essays.  Granted that students could produce such essay and still manage to grasp more than the gist of this work, then, indeed that is a plus.  However, the most important aspect is for students to actually undergo such receptive improvement – stepping up from their existing research prowess, towards the next level research challenge.