Essay is one of the many academic papers that students have to write on the entire duration of their school life. In fact, students have been writing essays since their primary school years. A student may have written different types of essays – argumentative, descriptive, sociology and mathematics essays. One of the essays that a student may have written or will be writing is the research essay. As the name implies, this type of essays requires research. Other essay types also require researches, but not as intensive and extensive in research essays. Here are some tips that would allow a student to write quality research essays.
•    When the professor gives particular instructions for writing research essay, the student should pay attention to the details. The instructions are usually meant to guide the students on this academic writing task. Instructions could include topic options, essay structure, formatting, font style and size, paper size and type, referencing format and others. Instructions could also include how to write certain parts of the research essay.
•    Select the right topic for your essay. The right topic contains three essential elements. The first element is that the topic should be something that writer is interested with. The amount of interest a student has on the topic represents the amount of effort he is willing to give for the success of the task. The second element is that the topic should be in line with the subject matter. If the subject is biology, the topic should not tackle a topic about geology.

•    Always seek clarifications, advices and pointers from more knowledgeable individuals. The moment the class receives the instructions, the student should clarify things that he does not understand. With regards to the essay writing task, there might be things that the student may need expert help. Help could come from more knowledgeable persons like professors and classmates.

•    Plan the actions and tasks to be taken. Planning includes setting the tasks needed to accomplish the writing project. It also includes formulating the methodology for acquiring needed information from the right research materials and sources.