Mechanical engineering as a course is not only about solving mathematical equations and applying laws in physics. Mechanical engineering is also a quest to obtain the right skills and knowledge needed by one who is aiming to become a mechanical engineering. These skills and knowledge could be further be honed by having students write mechanical engineering essays.

Some people say that mechanical engineering students are usually slow in writing and composition tasks since they are normally immersed in maths and physics. This may be true for a few students but not all. Nonetheless, it would be beneficial for these students to know how to write a mechanical engineering essay, step by step. Below are suggested steps that a student could undertake when writing mechanical engineering essays.

•    Select a topic. Choosing a topic is the first major step in writing a mechanical essay. Without an essay topic, a student would not have a theme to write about. Without an essay topic, the student could not commence writing his mechanical engineering composition. A topic is where everything starts, as it dictates most of the things that should be done or obtained when writing a mechanical essay.

•    Gather essay contents. Academic compositions, whether mechanical engineering or mathematics essays, are usually have ideas and information as its main raw ingredients. These ideas and information should be well cooked in order to dish out a very interesting mechanical engineering essay. Brainstorming for relevant ideas and researching for related information are the best ways to gather content for a mechanical engineering essay.

•    Organise the essay. To transform gathered ideas and information into suitable and consistent contents, a student should organise the essay. He can do this by drafting first an essay outline. An outline allows the student to bring coherence into the essay. It allows him to arrange the essay into several important parts like introduction, discussions and conclusion.

•    Write the essay. When composing a mechanical engineering essay, the student should always be guided by the outline he has drafted. This will enable him to endow the composition with coherence that is already attained in the drafted outline.

•    Edit and proofread. Composing mechanical engineering essays does not end when the student finishes writing the conclusion. The writing activity only ends when the student has already got rid of all the mistakes in the composition – which can be done through editing and proofreading.

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