A mathematics essay is typically structured into three major parts. These UK essay parts are the introduction, discussion and conclusion. The very first of these parts is the introduction. However, some students place a little concern on the introduction and focus more on creating content for the discussion part. What they fail to consider is that all three parts of a mathematics essay should be given equal importance.

As the opener of the composition, the introduction should be given a significant focus. Mathematics essays having bad introductions are usually boring not enticing enough to be read entirely. On the other hand, essays bearing good introductions do get the attention of the reader, enough to invite him to read the whole written piece.

Arousing the interest of target readers could be tricky. Students writing mathematics essays should strive to shift the focus of the target readers from their own world to the world of the compositions. Writing an introduction is not just about stating the thesis of the piece. Writing an introduction is also not just about providing a glimpse of what would be discussed in the composition. Writing an introduction is also all about making sure that readers become interested in reading the whole essay. Some readers would stop reading the piece if the introduction is not enticing enough. That is why there is a need to write a good introduction.

There are some methods that a student could use to write effective introductions for his mathematics essays – all of which works by grabbing the attention of the readers. One of these methods is asking thought-provoking questions, which answers lies on the discussions part. Another way is by citing famous yet provocative quotations. A good introduction could also be created from relating a pertinent anecdote.

Writing a good introduction may not be easy, as it should be in line with the body of the essay. Some students found it better to write introductions after they have completed the discussion part. No matter what, a student should strive really hard to be able to write good introductions for his mathematics essay.

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